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We always have new unique supplies coming in so check back frequently

Scented Candles

Classy, fragrant and environmentally-friendly candles from England. Made from 100% natural soy bean wax threaded with a pure cotton wick. Burns non-toxic, soot-free and lasts 45 hours (30% longer than a paraffin candle). Candles are 100% biodegradable and the packaging is completely recyclable. The candle container is decorative, too.

Choose from 5 different colors and fragrances:

Cream is Orange Blossom & Cinnamon scented

Green is Holly scented

Red is Mistletoe scented

Purple is Lavender scented

White is Holly Berry scented

These candles normally sell for $19.99.

OUR PRICE: $5/each OR 6 candles for $25

They would make a lovely table decoration for an event such as a wedding or anniversary reception, or a prom/dance.

Chains & Tie Downs

​​Grade 70 Chain 3/8″ x 20′ – Hooks at both 

ends – 29 lbs. for $40.00

Horse Tacks

Brand New Miniature Horse Tack 100% LEATHER in original boxes

Need for interested buyer to call me for details to purchase whole lot Elite 

“Baby” Breast Collar, Harness, and Headstalls. High Quality Leather with 

Brass Findings. Brand New!

Jute Yarn

2-Strand Jute Yarn – 23lb. Spools = $50


Mahogany Patterns

Amazing/Industrial Mahogany Patterns/Huge/Industrial Art

We recently were sold a very large lot of industrial patterns that were once very important in industrial America.

We had been looking at this large lot for over 20 years…..they finally relented and sold us this exceptional lot of what we know or refer to as industrial art. Some of these pieces are huge… a lot were made from “pattern genuine mahogany”.

This is as eclectic and bizarre as it gets. If you did not know that these beautiful pieces were made of wood you’d bet big time that they were all metal!

We have 2 containers here now in Asheville.

They surely do not make these anymore. We approximate these were made in the 40’s and 50’s.

They can be transformed into furniture/wall hangings/anything that a creative mind can imagine as these pieces belong in artistic communities.


Nylon Webbing - Tape

White Only

Approx. 2 in. width / 100 yards length per roll

This type of webbing normally sells for $80.00 to $90.00 a roll!

Scroungers price: $39 per roll!

Machinist Tools

2 V-Blocks Overall Length (Inch): 1-1/2 Overall Width (Inch)1-1/4 2 Clamps Pair $22.00

Steel Punch Stamping Set 1/4″ 36 piece Letters (A – Z) Numbers (0 – 8)  $28.00

Master-Pin-Vice-Hand-Drill-with-Swivel-Head-4-inch $ 4.00 (1)

Adjustable Hand Reamer Machinist Metal Work Tool 21/32/ – 23/32  $17.95

SPI V Block Set Cast Iron Tool 4 Inch Quality Built $29.95

Tap Wrench Machinist Metal Work Shop Tool – 3/32 – 3/8″  $11.95

Adjustable Hand Reamer 15/32 – 17/32 Tool  $17.95

Adjustable Hand Reamer Machinist Metal Shop Work Tool 19/32-21/32  $18.95

Inside Caliper 6 Inch Inspection Measurement Tool $9.00

Outside Calipers 6 Inch Forged Steel  $10.00

Boring Bar 16″ x 1 1/4″   $40.00

Center Gauge 60 Degrees Stainless Steel Lathe Tool  (Pack of 3)  $11.00




12″ Spring Type Inside Diameter ID Caliper with Quick Nut   $19.00

6″ Spring Type Inside Diameter ID Caliper with Quick Nut   $9.00

Interstate Drill Drift Keys for 4MT Tapers; 5MT Tapers; 6MT Tapers $4.00

Select Arch Punch – 2.1/4″   $89.00

 4″ Spring OD Caliper with Quick Nut  $10.00

Jute Rolls

Jute Felt Rolls

Tremendous for insulating Yurts, and many other uses:  

Go Green/Organic

We have various large rolls of Burlap/Jute Felt. 

Perfect for Organic projects.

-Yurt’s and other structures  

-Organic Insulation  
-Soil Retention  
-Creative Art & Designs 

The uses are endless

Selling for $2.00 per lb

Note: Prices are subject to change; Please call and verify.

Rolls weigh over 100 lbs.  
42″ wide 

Decorative Wrought Iron

1) Black Fence Piece, 66” x 53”, $325

2) White 2-piece gate, 32” x 82” each – $190 each or $300 pair

3) White – 37” x 36 1/2”, $90

4) Rusty, 39 1/2” x 37 1/2”, $160

Banjo Brand 2" Manifold Stubby Valve

We have acquired a large supply of the Banjo brand 2” FP x 2” Female NPT stubby valves with a handle, #MVS220FP.


1) Precision molded polypropylene is reinforced with fiberglass for additional strength.

2) Self-aligning ball moves freely against the PTFE seats for smooth operation. The valve opens and closes with very little pressure on the handle.

3) Ball is diamond turned, after molding, to make it spherically perfect, which provides precise contact between ball and seats.

4) PTFE self-lubricating stem bushings and seats cannot stick or bind.

5) Stainless steel bolts.

These normally sell for between $42 and $46 on the Internet (not including shipping fees).

We are selling them for $20/each or the quantity price of $15/each/10 or more.

Welding Wire Heaven

ER 70S-6 :Mild Steel -33 lb spools (protected wrapped and copper clad)-8mm

ER 70S-6 :Mild Steel -33 lb spools (protected wrapped and copper clad)-9mm

ER 70S-6 :Mild Steel -33 lb spools (protected wrapped and copper clad)-1.2 mm

  All Above:  $50/single roll      $37/5 rolls or more

 AWS E71T-1 -33 lb spools FLUX CORED 1.2mm

AWS E71T-1 -33 lb spools FLUX CORED 1.6 mm

  All Above:  $50/single roll    $37/5 rolls or more


Alloy -MTL -5356 -diam -1mm WeldSmart -15 lb spools

Above:  $75/roll     $69/10 rolls or more

 Alloy -AWS -ER5356-diam-0.9mm -4lb spools

Above:  $25/roll     $17/10 rolls or more


Elsewhere: $85 to $150/each; At Scrounger’s: $75/each

Come see us and let’s put that metal together by getting some of these incredible deals in welding material.

We will also consider trading welding supplies for metal table bases to be used for some of our exotic wood slabs.

Discounted Hardware

Amazing Lots of Incredible Hardware!

Come see these incredible lots of first class steel/galvanized stainless steel hardware.

Too numerous to list.

Only at Scrounger’s!

Paulownia Wooden Boxes

These 5″ x 7″ x 2″ boxes are made from the wood of the Paulownia tree. It is one of the lightest yet strongest woods pound for pound.

These beautifully made boxes can be used in a variety of applications: as is, stained, varnished, painted, burned, decoupaged — sooo many choices!!

They are a good buy at $5.00 each with discounts on the purchase of ten (10) or more.

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