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Here you will find just about anything.

We always have new unique supplies coming in so check back frequently

Burl Paradise

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Too many to list.
Too many to talk about.
Too many to price.
Too many to wake up to.
Too many to contemplate.
Too many to move.
Not enough to keep all of our customers happy.

Bulk T-Shirts

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We have cases of new, no-pocket, standard T-shirts in red, blue and white.
There are six shirts that come individually packaged, and 120 packages in each case (total of 720 shirts).
2 cases of white – size XXX
1 case of blue – size XXXX
1 case of red – size XXL
We are selling these shirts @ $500.00/case.

Vintage Railroad Jacks

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Unique and hard-to-find genuine vintage railroad jacks.
$140.00 each

Commercial Pallet Racks

We are selling 3 Uprights (18′ or 16′ long) and 8 cross pieces which makes 2 running sets for $300.00. We only have 1 set left as described.
We do have a lot of teardrop cross pieces for $20 each. There are discounts for quantity and of course for the whole lot.
Uprights 18’8″ Long X 3’6″ Wide
Uprights 16′ Long X 3’6″ Wide
Crosspieces 8’3″ Long

Round, Ornate Metal Frame

We have three 35 1/8″ diameter round, ornate metal table tops, frames, stained glass or mirror overlay, or???
$175.00 each

Carbon Steel Machining Stock

Carbon Steel Machining Stock
Two lots available at a great price!
Lot #1:  19′ 10″ long x 2″ diameter, 11 lengths for $1175.00
Lot #2:   20′ long x 3/8″ diameter, approximately 70 lengths for $1300.00

Rugby Shirts

Long Sleeved Rugby Shirts Cheap!

We quite the selection of new 100% cotton (made in Sri Lanka) Ruck-it Rugby brand shirts.

SIZES: Medium through Extra Large

COLORS: We have both solid and striped shirts in a variety of color combinations. See the photos for a good sampling.

OUR PRICE: $4.00/shirt

BEST DEAL: 3 shirts for $10.00


FLEUR-DE-LIS STEM CHARMS:  Set of 4 charms, 4 different colors; Unique gift: stem charm, jewelry, party favors, door prizes, stocking stuffers, gift for a New Orleans Saints fan

Originally priced at $15/set —  Our Price: $7/set

COLORFUL STEM CHARMS:  Set of 6 charms, 6 different colors;  Unique gift:  stem charm, jewelry, hat decoration, party favors, door prizes, stocking stuffers

Originally priced at $15/set – Our Price:  $7/set

ONE-OF-A-KIND BOOKMARKS:  Set of 6 bookmarks, 6 different colors; Great reward for students, share with a book club, party favors, door prizes, stocking stuffers

Originally priced at $15/set – Our Price:  $7/set


We have over a thousand rolls of fabric, various types, patterns, sizes, amounts/roll, more than 40″ wide.

Any roll currently located in a bin (and ONLY these rolls) is $5.00/roll with no additional discount for multiple purchases.

Come stock up on some great deals on upholstery and drapery fabric, folks.

We have 4 containers of fabric, folks. 

One customer shared that he redoes the inside of vintage 6O’s and 70’s American Collector vehicles and he swears this stock at Scroungers is fabric that either dates back to or mimics the fabric of that era!
A Word To The Wise!

Another resourceful alumnus drives around and picks up discarded sofas/ottomans/love seats, for free, and refurbishes the wood and then reupholsters with these lots of fabric. Mark asked him how he learned to do this and he said, “I just figured it out!” Is that the spirit or what!?

New rolls added weekly.

Scented Candles

Classy, fragrant and environmentally-friendly candles from England. Made from 100% natural soy bean wax threaded with a pure cotton wick. Burns non-toxic, soot-free and lasts 45 hours (30% longer than a paraffin candle). Candles are 100% biodegradable and the packaging is completely recyclable. The candle container is decorative, too.

Choose from 4 different colors and fragrances:

Cream is Orange Blossom & Cinnamon scented

Green is Holly scented

Red is Mistletoe scented

Purple is Lavender scented

These candles normally sell for $19.99.

OUR PRICE: $5/each OR 6 candles for $25

They would make a lovely table decoration for an event such as a wedding or anniversary reception, or a prom/dance.

Horse Tacks

Brand New Miniature Horse Tack 100% LEATHER in original boxes

Need for interested buyer to call me for details to purchase whole lot Elite 

“Baby” Breast Collar, Harness, and Headstalls. High Quality Leather with 

Brass Findings. Brand New!

Jute Yarn

2-ply Jute Twine @ 50.00/spool

Jute is one of the most affordable natural fibers used in making twine and rope. It is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. It can be easily twisted into rope that holds up against weight and friction.

It is used in rope making, gift tags, wrapping packages, parcels and boxes, hand-baling of hay and/or pine needles, in craft-making (macrame, dream catchers), and has many nursery and landscaping uses (think bracing vines, plants, small trees or shrubs).

Scroungers’ alumni living on the Northeast coast have purchased spools for rope making and have sent us accolades on this jute twine’s utility and versatility. They say it makes the most beautiful artisanal cords!!

Mahogany Patterns

Amazing/Industrial Mahogany Patterns/Huge/Industrial Art

We recently were sold a very large lot of industrial patterns that were once very important in industrial America.

We had been looking at this large lot for over 20 years…..they finally relented and sold us this exceptional lot of what we know or refer to as industrial art. Some of these pieces are huge… a lot were made from “pattern genuine mahogany”.

This is as eclectic and bizarre as it gets. If you did not know that these beautiful pieces were made of wood you’d bet big time that they were all metal!

We have 2 containers here now in Asheville.

They surely do not make these anymore. We approximate these were made in the 40’s and 50’s.

They can be transformed into furniture/wall hangings/anything that a creative mind can imagine as these pieces belong in artistic communities.


Nylon Webbing - Tape

White Only

Approx. 2 in. width / 100 yards length per roll

This type of webbing normally sells for $80.00 to $90.00 a roll!

Scroungers price: $39 per roll!

Machinist Tools

2 V-Blocks Overall Length (Inch): 1-1/2 Overall Width (Inch)1-1/4 2 Clamps Pair $22.00

Steel Punch Stamping Set 1/4″ 36 piece Letters (A – Z) Numbers (0 – 8)  $28.00

SPI V Block Set Cast Iron Tool 4 Inch Quality Built $29.95

Tap Wrench Machinist Metal Work Shop Tool – 3/32 – 3/8″  $11.95

Inside Caliper 6 Inch Inspection Measurement Tool $9.00

Outside Calipers 6 Inch Forged Steel  $10.00

Boring Bar 16″ x 1 1/4″   $40.00




12″ Spring Type Inside Diameter ID Caliper with Quick Nut   $19.00

6″ Spring Type Inside Diameter ID Caliper with Quick Nut   $9.00

Interstate Drill Drift Keys for 4MT Tapers; 5MT Tapers; 6MT Tapers $4.00

Select Arch Punch – 2.1/4″   $89.00

4″ Spring OD Caliper with Quick Nut  $10.00

Machinist Tools Extended

V Block Clamp Set – $26.65

V-Block SPI – 2-3/16” – $23.95

Steel Square – $19.95

Tool Makers Vise – $38.00

Center Finder Set – $9.95

Edge Finder Set – $24.75

Pivot Head Bump Knurler – $29.95

V Block Clamp Set – $76.55

Cutoff Blade Holder – $39.95

Decorative Wrought Iron

1) Black Fence Piece, 66” x 53”, $325

2) White 2-piece gate, 32” x 82” each – $190 each or $300 pair

3) White – 37” x 36 1/2”, $90

4) Rusty, 39 1/2” x 37 1/2”, $160

Discounted Hardware

Amazing Lots of Incredible Hardware!

Come see these incredible lots of first class steel/galvanized stainless steel hardware.

Too numerous to list.

Only at Scrounger’s!