The story of this slab is remarkable!

The story of this slab is remarkable!

It started in the Amazon part of Bolivia probably when the Conquistadors were starting to snoop around South America.

As a small cachichira sapling, it probably had little chance to survive but by the grace of God it did and rose high above many of its neighbors. It saw sights that no one can speak about and a few could write about. It saw countless creatures that inhabited these parts of Bolivia. It saw misdeeds by marauding soldiers and gave shade to mothers and children moving through its canopied shade—frightened by those seeking fortune in both silver and gold.

It dug deep into the depleted earth and began to take root and claimed that spot of terra for its own.

It grew older and stronger, but sometime in the years that surrounded 2000, it succumbed to a jungle tree disease that started a downward spiral to where it would be nothing more than splintered firewood or a desk or two or maybe a large table or two or something that one day would remind those that acquired these woods that a mighty tree that laid witness to so many things gave up the fight but produced enough wood to live forever in someone’s private space.

A local entrepreneur decided that the carcass of this tree had some potential and secured the rights to cut its dead log down. He then proceeded to trim what would be good stock for building furniture. He then slabbed the large trunk that had not decayed like the rest. He produced two very large slabs that would make anybody consider building a house around them.

The entrepreneur placed them for sale with other entrepreneurs elsewhere as well as in another country. He was fascinated with these two incredibly beautiful slabs as well as other pieces of this magnificent tree. He loved them so much he held back his enthusiasm when clients became interested–but the beauty of these pieces screamed for a new home!

In time, another entrepreneur from New Orleans had a client that could afford almost anything as his income derived from the energy sector was limitless based on what most folks had in their pockets. This client purchased both slabs and today one sits in his eighth floor office across the street from the Louisiana Superdome in the Energy Building!

The journey from Bolivia to this spot is quite remarkable and miraculous for this “little sapling that thought it could.” The energy baron is well pleased and the world is better for it.

The “little sapling that thought it could” now lives on forever and this is the story of such an unlikely event that turned into a miracle of chance!

See the video of the hoisting and placing of this miraculous tree in this entrepreneurial energy baron’s eighth floor conference room. This final step in the journey defies logic.

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