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Mark Olivari has acquired some of the most unique items you will find in Asheville. You never know what you’ll find at Scroungers Paradise!

Burmese Rosewood Foyer Table

Burmese Rosewood foyer table (dalbergia oliveri)

This truly unique Burmese Rosewood foyer table would enrich any room anywhere. The deep, rich colors and organic shape are mesmerizing. It is heavy and durable. 

This piece would be stunning in an entry way to a gorgeous home with an elongated framed mirror hanging over it. Use your imagination!

This is truly one-of-a-kind.

Dimensions: 74.5″ long x 14″ at widest part x 30″ tall. 

Scrounger’s recently obtained this item in an auction and are thrilled to be able to offer it to you for far below the market price.

We are asking $5,200.00

Flor De Soto


Some of the Rarest Pieces of Wood on the Planet!

Mark says: For those that have been bugging me for the past three or more years to sell the “Flor de Soto,” I want to alert you that we are selling them now. These are some of the most beautiful and rare pieces of natural wood on the planet! We do not know how these pieces end up as they do but we do know that everyone that sees them has never seen anything like this anywhere in their travels or in their research or investigations.

First of all, for those that have not seen these incredible pieces at Scroungers, let me begin by sharing with you that this journey of confusion but surprise began in Bolivia when I first saw them and decided that I had to have them regardless of price. I was stunned, to say the least, and even until now there are but a few souls on the planet that have any info on these unique creations by nature. Everyone that sees them begins by asking the story and then by asking the name and so forth.

I have retold the story of their origin, as well as what some people think, but in reality it is all conjecture at best.
It is not a root based “burl” but rather a response within a tree that is situated on a branch or end of a branch of a tree that is known as a Soto tree. This Soto tree which is known as a Schinopsis specie of tree is very large and probably contains up to 3,000 branches or more at maturity. Those there in the know proclaim a ratio of one “Flor de Soto “piece for every 1500 Soto trees. This is hard to believe but there are few Flor de Soto pieces around and even fewer persons to speak about them.

We ran into a gentleman close to 90 years old who had been cutting down Soto trees since he was 16 years old and made it a habit to put to the side what we now know as “Flor de Soto” pieces. He had in his possession twelve “Flor de Soto” pieces which I purchased after much deliberation due to the high prices he asked. If that was all he had then it works out to the discovery of one “Flor de Soto” piece every six years or so after milling Soto trees every day!

By the way, the pieces you see here in the plethora of photos attached vary in price from $80 to $6,500 and all were sold to those handling them in the photos. 

Classy & Unique Windows

We still have two of the most unique and gorgeous NEW large windows in our warehouse for your consideration. ALL are solid wood construction with aluminum-clad exterior face. The photos of each window are in the order in which the windows are described and listed below.

1) Dark red rectangular three-panel window with the two flanking panels having hand-operated openings. This window is 65” tall x 108” wide and does NOT have screens. It is a steal at $2750! 30% of cost!!!!

2) Dark grey rounded arch-topped three-panel window with the two flanking panels having hand-operated openings. This window is 6’ tall at its peak and 9’ long. It has tough but almost invisible screens on the widest two outside panels. This is one classy Semco window. Needless to say, it is a steal at $3500.

At Scroungers, we are willing to look at offers. Just ask Mark.

Lapis Lazuli

We have the largest supply of lapis lazuli on the East Coast!

Until the late 18th century the only source of lapis lazuli in Europe, Asia and Africa was the remote Sar-e-Sang valley in the Badakhshan mountains in northeast Afghanistan, where it has been mined for more than six millennia.

It was used by the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians for jewelry and amulets, and its reputed magic aura as a defense against the evil eye goes back thousands of years. Its diffusion in Europe began during the Crusades, but its rarity and cost meant that it could be afforded for the creation of art works only by the richest of patrons.

Prominent among these were the Medici who, during the 16th century, built up a unique collection of objects — from bowls, goblets and jugs to inlaid pictures and furniture — made from and adorned with this precious stone.


It clears and activates all Chakras, and is especially helpful in the stimulation of the Heart and Throat Chakras. An extremely powerful metaphysical stone, Malachite is often called the “stone of transformation” and is used for deep energy cleaning, bringing healing and positive transformation to the wearer.

Rare Statues

Our beautiful granite statues for your home or garden are waiting for you at Scroungers. They are all uniquely abstract and pleasing to the touch.

What we have available:

1) Dark grey, base 9.5” x 17”. Total height of 53”. Marked price = $2100.00

2) “Pelican,” base 11.5” x 15.5” x 24” tall. Total height of 64”. Marked price = $1375.00

Now is the time to enhance your home or garden with a work of art that’s sure to spark conversations.

Biltmore Estate Collectibles

Damask Medium Platter, 12” x 19”, Retail Price: $46.98 – Scroungers Price: $8.00

Damask Large Platter, 18” x 12”, Retail Price: $89.98 – Scroungers Price: $15.00

Damask Dinner Plates (2), 11”, Retail Price: $39.98 – Scroungers Price: $10.00/set of Two

Damask Mini Bowls, 5.5” x 5.5” x 2”, Retail Price: $29.98 – Scroungers Price: $9.00/2 piece set

Baroque Candle with Bell Jar, 9”, Retail Price: $36.98 – Scroungers Price: $6.25

Brocade Stoneware Charger, 12”, Retail Price: $39.98 – Scroungers Price: $6.25

Brocade Candle Pillar(Small), 4.75” Diameter, 9.75” Tall, Retail Price: $19.98 – Scroungers Price: $5.00

Mrs. King Glass Canister (Medium), 14”, Retail Price: $42.98 – Scroungers Price: $15.00

Mrs. King Glass Canister (Large), 16”, Retail Price: $51.00 – Scroungers Price: $19.00

Baroque Table Cross, 9.5” Tall, Retail Price: $24.98 – Scroungers Price: $6.25

Fleur de Lis Table Runner, Retail Price: $49.98 – Scroungers Price: $8.00

Archival Maps

Archival Topographical Maps of 36 Eastern States Plus National Parks

We have the last known printed topographical maps on archival paper!
$3.00 EACH! We do not ship.
There are multiples of each map from the USGS (United States Geological Survey) for the eastern United
States. The process is now digital and printed editions are no longer archival quality.
Thing are changing and so is the map business. Get a piece of history worth framing.

The dates on these maps vary from 1947 to 1992.
These older maps are no longer being printed.
This is the last lot that the USGS had available for sale.
Everything now is ordered and printed from a digital database which is produced by single order and noton archival paper.
It’s rare and going to be rarer as time goes on.
We’re in the digital age and the government is no exception making these types of items rarer as time goes on.
One client who owns a coffee shop and caters to hikers and tourists just purchased some of the local
topographical maps of western North Carolina. He said he was going to laminate them, place a star on his
coffee shop’s location, and sell them for $15 a piece. He purchased over 500 maps (mostly multiples of approximately 35 quadrants.)

Classy Glass Bases

Classy Glass Bases

When you are seeking a simple yet classy stand to display that special piece of art or history upon, look no further.

We have truly unique 12” square x 47.50” tall durable glass bases that will enhance the look of whatever is displayed upon them.

Our remarkably low price: $195.00 each

Shona Art

Shona Sculpture

The Shona tribe is Zimbabwe’s largest indigenous group. They are found in Zimbabwe and southern Mozambique in Southern Africa and bordering South Africa.

Shona artists are well-known for their stone sculptures. Stone carving has been part of this culture since 1200 AD. There was a re-emergency of this stone carving tradition in the 1950’s – the solid forms and beautiful surfaces of Shona sculpture express an extraordinary emotional power. Today, the art form commands worldwide recognition.

Drawing on ancient sculpting traditions, the Shona have produced a modern art movement of dignified, exquisite works reminiscent of Picasso and Henry Moore. These extraordinary, intense works speak to all humanity.

Antique Wooden Doors

Here are some incredible French Art Deco/Art Nouveau doors from the early 20th century that were found in Alexandria, Egypt.

The photos do not do them justice!

Add a bit of class to your home, garden or place of business.  Come check them out.

Great deals for that special look!

  1. Louvered, only one door, 11.25” x 83”, $125.00
  2. Blue pair, 42.50” x 95” each door, $1100.00/pair
  3. Black/grey framed pair, 39.50” x 89”, $975.00/pair
  4. Natural pair with frosty glass, 22.50” x 99.50”, $915.00/pair
  5. Natural pair with snowflake glass, 21.50” x 99.50”, $825.00/pair
  6. Hand Carved Indonesian Teak Doors, 60” x 35.5” x 25” – $1,000/pair

Culture Stone Veneer

Scroungers Paradise now has decorative stone veneer from Modulo. Modulo has been engineering decorative stone veneer solutions for the homeowner since 1984. Modulo is the leader of its market and is the largest stone veneer producer in Europe.
All products must be installed on a support that is dry and in good condition. Exterior products should be installed using mortar. Dependent upon what surface the exterior products will be applied to, a metal lathe and vapor barrier may be necessary. Installation instructions may vary upon application.

Somerset — SOLD OUT

Borgo Blonde – 64.6 sq ft

Brasilia Anthracite – 112.9 sq ft

Neo Anthracite – 349.64

Check out our LOW price: $1.85/sq ft for a 50 sq ft minimum purchase

Prices and materials shown on all Scroungers Paradise ads are subject to change.

Antique Scale

Fairbanks, Morse & Co. Scale. 100,000 lb capacity

Antique Scale Manufactured by Fairbanks, Morse, & Co.


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