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Scroungers Paradise is an experience in Asheville, North Carolina, that you simply cannot pass up.
This 50,000 square foot building is filled with some of the most beautiful
flooring, decking, tile, plywood, furniture, statues, and much more.

A Note from Mark Olivari: We want to thank all our alumni as well as curious shoppers for their patronage in this anxiety-filled time at Scroungers Paradise. We have remained open for several reasons.: For the pick up of items purchased before the practice of social-distancing began; to let our overly-cautious workers maintain their much-needed jobs, getting done what needs to be done at Scroungers by justifying putting it to the side in lieu of what is happening in the present--no excuse now, or if excusable but only partly by this world slow-down or shut-down as is now the case. Possibly our biggest reason for remaining open is to avail ourselves to those that depend on Scroungers for the unique materials that are necessary for whatever projects are going on that are either critical or now possibly just necessary to maintain some sense of purpose or tranquility in these hectic but otherwise boring and tenuous times. Last item: there will be no square dancing in the foreseeable future at Scroungers but other than that, let’s have a good time and occupy it with sensible and exciting projects. We remain open Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. till 5 p.m.

Scrounger's Paradise Supporting Our Local Community Asheville-Pisgah Christian School!

The video to the right, What began as a cachichira sapling possibly during the times of the Conquistadors in Bolivia continued through a very long life in the forest which could have ended with a diseased death but found a renewed life. A local Bolivian entrepreneur envisioned a continued life for this tree as two large slabs were salvaged. Scroungers Paradise procured those two slabs, refinished one and, as you will see in this video, delivered it as a beautiful table to the 8th floor of the Energy Building in New Orleans. For the full story of “The Little Sapling That Thought It Could,” please go to the About tab.

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