If there are two places you have to visit in Asheville, one is the Biltmore Estate, and the other is Scroungers Paradise.

Andrew Shea

Fort Lauderdale, florida

Look at this place!… Came to Scroungers Paradise for some salvage to use for the tiny house siding. I spent a few minutes drooling everywhere before grabbing some gorgeous tongue and groove cedar!

This place is amazing.

Time to torch that cedar and get to work…


The Capable Carpenter

Asheville, north carolina

I recently visited Scroungers Paradise on the suggestion of a friend who is a luthier, and very familiar with exotic woods. I was very impressed with your selection. The choices and variations in the wood was amazing, and a little confusing/overwhelming. Fortunately, Chip was very helpful in talking to me about the different choices. With his knowledge and your selection of Brazilian hardwood, I now have a grill table that is real furniture. I think you guys are a real treasure for the area when it comes to unique, interesting wood. Glad you are here!


J. Rountree

Asheville, north carolina

Hi, Mark:

Thanks so much for your time, expertise, and generosity yesterday! I really enjoyed our chat and think the itauba will be the perfect accent for my project. I’ll send along some pictures of the final piece when it’s done. 

“Scroungers” is an amazing place. It’s so cool to meet folks who are doing things with passion!

All my best for the season and the new year.




Jeff Kalil-Carolina Day School

Asheville, north carolina

Got some beautiful pieces of scrap wood from here. A bit disappointed that there wasn’t much more choice but hey, it’s scraps, can’t be beggars haha. The pieces are very lovely and the prices for them wasn’t bad at all, especially the more rare ones. My husband and I make Nordic/Viking runes from wood and the wood made some great pieces. 


K. Giddens

Asheville, north carolina

We went to scroungers Paradise yesterday and had a ball! There are many varieties of tile, all sorts of exotic wood from Brazil and South Africa, as well as other odds and ends that home renovators would love to have. We are remodeling our home and got a fabulous deal on a single lever kitchen faucet and a smashing deal on some glass tile. We will definitely be back! The prices are great and so is the stuff. Everyone there is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.– Stand with our friends and neighbors for equality — real American values. 


Shannon Kirk

Asheville, north carolina

Best supply of exotic woods on the planet. Just picked up this Rosewood, Canary and Zebra and turned it into a great countertop. Scroungers Paradise is a must for those extra special projects.


Philip Vignola

Boone, north carolina

If you are looking for hardwood decking like Ipe, Scroungers Paradise has a great selection, including posts, etc. Knowledgeable and helpful staff. Highly recommended! 


L. DeJournett

Asheville, north carolina

Cameron and Stacy,

When we purchased our home in Hendersonville in 2018 we were aware that the deck was original to the structure and after 30 years it was in sad shape and replacing it would be a priority.
Several decisions were required including the choice of materials, design changes, and of course to engage the right team to execute our plans.
After considerable research and study we decided that Ipe would be used as the deck material and that the existing rail system of pressure treated lumber would be replaced with the same type material in a slightly refined scheme. As it turned out the joists required replacement as well to guarantee structural integrity.
We discovered quickly that not all deck contractors are familiar with Ipe and that there are few firms locally that stock the exotic Brazilian hardwood we were determined to use.
A visit to Scroungers Paradise solved both of our issues! We found not only a well stocked Ipe provider who was extremely knowledgeable but who also was able to connect us with your company.
Because of your busy schedule we had to delay the start of our project but looking at the finished deck we could not be more pleased. You guys were great to work with and accommodated our design changes and kept us informed of your progress.
We are looking forward to many years of enjoying our beautiful deck and seeing your company grow and prosper.
Best regards,
Bill and Nan 


Bill and Nan

Hendersonville, north carolina

I went to Scrounger’s Paradise for the first time today and I was in awe—a compliment you must hear multiple times daily. 


Laura S.

Asheville, north carolina

We had a great visit to Scoungers Paradise today.  Mark, the president of the store, was incredibly generous and helpful! The store has amazing works of art, cool wood, all kind of antiques and unusual items!!   Stop in for sure!! 


D., P., H., and T. Weksler

Asheville, north carolina

If you’re looking for wood for projects, it’s the perfect place.  


A. Pattie

Asheville, North Carolina

I love this place.  My son-in-law and I drove four hours each way to visit. Well worth it.


T. Gibson

Raleigh, north carolina

Mark is the best source for exotic wood and flooring. Great services and price. Knowledge par excellent.


Bob Smythe

Asheville, North Carolina

Another of Asheville’s “hidden gems.” Interested in Exotic woods? How about Asian art and sculpture? Lost and need a specific map…..is more here than you imagine. Thrift store?


50,000+sq ft. !! Did I mention EXOTIC WOODS and furniture? Art gallery and museum all rolled up into one stop shop or just visit. Staff is friendly, informative and welcoming. This is a wonderful place to spend a lazy afternoon or take your kids for a Sunday learning experience.




Asheville, north carolina

Bill and I have been shopping at Scroungers Paradise in Asheville for years. You may have an interest in checking it out.

You can find large and small woods from all over the world. We found Ipe wood that is stronger than teak for a project.

The very large warehouse has rugby shirts, tile, Biltmore things, antiques, hardware and old maps for framing. The prices
are great and the quality is mighty fine.

Leaving the grounds you may want to pick up a few mining car wheels. Just sayin.

Donna Robinson


Donna Robinson

Asheville, North Carolina

Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. The signs you blessed us with are so beautiful! We are so excited! You have mad our Little Forest a place of awe and wonder! Thank you! Please come and see the joy your gift brings to the kids at Asheville -Pisgah Christian School.

May God bless you as you have blessed us!

Susan King - Asheville Pisgah Christian School

Asheville, north carolina

“Scroungers is the BEST place I have ever found to search for rare and hard to find wood and building materials.  There is something new and unusual around every corner!  Every part of the place is filled with quality items from around the world – stuff you literally can’t find anywhere else!  It’s THE most fascinating place to shop in Asheville!”


Terry Burnett

Chapin, South Carolina


I just wanted to thank you once again for the wonderful gift you gave my wife and I when we visited your shop. It’s a memorable gift that’ll make our 

45th Anniversary significantly a super special day in the history of our marriage!

We arrived home safely at around 2:30 p.m., tired but totally satisfied with our visit to Asheville. Your shop was a totally mind blowing experience! I was so shocked at the various selections of wood there, I forgot to tour the whole facility! I am seriously intent on traveling across the state to visit you again for further purchases sometime in the future. I have to use what I have in stock first.

If there’s anything I can do for you on this end, please let me know! 


John Bojack


Neal C.

Asheville, north carolina

Came in to see if I can find wood to build with and walked out in awe. If you are a woodworker, it will be an amazing place for you. If you are looking to find a no frills but rarest pieces in stone, wood or furniture or anything really, this is for you. If you like “picking” this is for you. Like steampunk? This is for you. Can’t wait to design projects and come here!


Heather Munoz

Asheville, north carolina

Could spend days in there. The staff was great; they led me to what I was looking for, helped me load it onto a cart and helped me load it into my vehicle. Anyone that’s into unique and rare wood, furniture, rare building materials, etc., you will love this place.


Neal C.

Weaverville, north carolina

Scroungers is wood lovers Paradise! And Mark & Jim are princes among men. You gotta go check it out – if you need REAL tongue and groove flooring – they got it (any kind of wood you could imagine and some you can’t), if you need mahogany, Ipe, Hickory or even Purpleheart they got it!  If you need plywood with an exotic skin they got it.  If you are looking for wood for counter tops, they got it.  Hell we bought Iron Gates from Egypt today – and gonna come back for the boat motor and some more rugby shirts.  GREAT PRODUCTS TO SET YOUR HOME APART FROM THE BIG BOX STORES CRAP & great prices and they will take the time to guide you in your projects. You just gotta go check it out!


Tony Mugno

Asheville, north carolina

At Scroungers Paradise, the fun things and building materials seem limitless; the prices are great, and the service is excellent. Thank you, Mark, for helping me get my treasures.


Janie Neely

Weaverville, north carolina


Thanks to our wonderful finds and the best customer service we now have amazing Albino Tiger hardwood floors and Brazilian Walnut wood staircase balusters in our new home!  Mark and Jim were so helpful and spent endless hours helping us during multiple trips browsing through Scroungers Paradise! We are so pleased to have found Scroungers and find us stopping weekly to see what unique stuff Mark has found!  Check out Mark’s front room for his artwork too! He is so creative and has many beautiful pieces on display!


Mike & Barbara Halprin

Asheville, north carolina

This place was amazing! The wood selection was much larger than I anticipated- exotic woods galore at great prices. Eclectic collection of stuff to dig through. If you are a scrounger not a looker you will adore this find!!


Tiffany Proctor

Asheville, north carolina

Hi Mark,

Thank you for providing such a wonderful collection of hard to find woods at a great price.  I was in heaven just looking around at all of the unique stuff in your huge 42,000 sq/ft foot building.  Amazing, wonderfully amazing.  I don’t think that there is a woodworker anywhere that could leave your store empty handed!

The deal on the African Mahogany was great!


Robert King

Asheville, north carolina

We’re excited to visit again – my wife is a 6th grade teacher and found a lot of great books the last time we were there. I’m also interested in your USGS maps!

BTW I sent a friend of mine up your way a couple of months ago and he bought a bunch of cherry plywood from you. He paneled his new workshop with it and it is absolutely beautiful. I hope he sends you a picture!

Thank you!


Brian Smithson

Clover, SC

Mr. Mark  Olivari, 

I’m so excited about finding such a great deal on the  Paulownia wood boxes!  I appreciate you and your staff’s friendly customer service. I loved looking at all of the different types of wood that you would not see anywhere else! Scroungers is a great resource for anyone who appreciates finding beautiful wood pieces.  Blessings to you.

A very happy customer 


Cheryl G.

Asheville, north carolina

Thanks for a trip to paradise. I send everyone to Scrounger’s Paradise for plywood and they end up finding more deals. Shopping at Scrounger’s is another day in Paradise.

Nick Moen

Asheville, north carolina

Came down from Virginia and purchased 2,000 square feet of Brazilian tiger cherry flooring. The flooring we purchased was of the highest quality that you can buy anywhere at an awesome price. I really appreciated the service and knowledge that Mark and his guys gave me and my father.,

Bo Driskill

Matoaca, Virginia

Clearly the owner really knows what he is doing. Incredible art, wood, furniture, and exceptionally friendly helpful people. Fell in love with a piece in this haven of inspiration and will treasure it more than gold.

Lisa Marie Cuniff

Prague, Czech Republic

Every trip to Scrounger’s is an adventurous hunting expedition. I go in to buy South American hardwoods, but can’t resist walking all through the store, finding building supplies & décor from all over the world. Love going there!

John-Terry McDonough Osborne

Asheville, NC

For what we were looking for (out of the ordinary furniture building materials), this place was a gold mine! Plus, if you’re in the market for unique artwork, this is the place for you! We’ll definitely be back.

Karen Jernigan

Asheville, NC

Monday, March 4th,  bought 25 sheets of Arauco 1/2” plywood from Mark.  It is without a doubt the best quality plywood I have seen in recent years.  Mark was very professional and knows his stuff. I was in and out in 10 minutes.  What a real Paradise!

Greg Whitfield

Raleigh, NC

The owner, Mark, is a very interesting guy with a bunch of stories.  A lot of really neat stuff there especially if you’re into hardwood flooring or great slabs of wood.

Benjamin Miller

Asheville, NC

Lots of beautiful wood!  Everyone was helpful. We enjoyed our visit and will be back.  Thanks, Jim, Kevin and Mark!

Tamra Henry Crane

Hendersonville, NC

The flooring selection was like nothing I had ever seen here in Western Carolina.  They had a large selection to choose from, at some of the lowest prices I had ever seen.  On top of the flooring, there were tons of unique pieces of art I picked up for my wife.  Definitely will be back in the near future to decorate my house.

Christopher Wynn

Hendersonville, NC

We found exactly what we were looking for!  Started the morning out looking for preprinted crown moulding and found it there.  Awesome pricing, too. We saved almost $50 [over] the big box store. We just love shopping here.

Kathy Neely

Arden, NC

Found the most beautiful piece of wood at Scrounger’s.  5” thick Bolivian Chestnut. Made 2 mantles and a 7’ bar top from 1 piece of wood.  Beautiful stuff.

Jeff Sasko

Charleston, SC

Yes sir. Looking forward to doing more business with you now and in the future.  I’m very pleased with the quality of material I’ve received thus far and the customer service experience has been exemplary as well.  We’ll be in touch soon.

Joshua Lauman

Asheville, NC

Thanks to Mark and Jim at scroungers paradise. I remodeled my kitchen and put in a new floor and countertops, I got all the wood at SP and saved a ton. Where else in town can you buy Brazilian Ipe (floor). Or Brazilian cherry (counter top)? Awnser you can’t. It cost less than 200$ for the counter top wood. Thanks again.

Chris Coleman

Asheville, NC

Mark, My wife and daughter came in and found some of the most beautiful wood that I have seen in some time. We bought a piece of Purple Heart and a very beautiful piece of Aspidosperma for me to make a desk out of. I’m a service member that has PTSD and doing wood working helps calm me down when I get feeling overwhelmed and anxious.I served over seas in Afghanistan in 2010-2011 and my entire job was to look for the IED to ensure that everyone else had safe travels to and from locations. In August of 2010 my truck was hit by an IED and lifted into the air then slammed back to the ground and injured everyone in the truck. Since then I have issues with loud noises and strange areas and people but the guys at Scrounger’s made me feel welcomed and they did everything they could to make sure we had a great experience while we were there. I just want to thank Mark and his staff for making me feel so welcomed and helping me find the perfect piece for my next project. We will be back again for more pieces.

Bill Inman

Asheville, NC

Hey Mark, I was in scroungers last spring with my wife and picked up one of those beautiful 10′ Bolivian cherry boards and a black walnut cookie. 

I thought you would get some satisfaction to see how they turned out. I used have the cherry for a console with a curly maple base I made and half the cookie for an accent table – this one is a little out there – I can’t it into white epoxy. 

I still have the other have of both pieces and are working on two more tables. 

Thanks for such interesting materials at great prices!

Craig Trapp

Asheville, NC

I was looking for a different type of wood for some projects. My wife and I went to Scroungers Paradise and the only problem was deciding on what to get . The tiger wood has a lot of character and a lot of colors . I used it for thresholds in door ways , and this breakfast bar .it is a very hard , durable wood but it is fairly easy to work with . I’m looking forward to shopping for materials for our next project at Scroungers Paradise!  Minwax golden honey stain brings out all the different colors and character! Then several coats of water based poly.

David Gasperson

Asheville, NC

I live in Charleston South Carolina and drive all the way up to scroungers paradise because of their selection and pricing is unrivaled by any other supplier in my area. Anything from rare species to cabinet grade building material, they have wholesale pricing that I can’t even get with my contractor discounts at my local suppliers.
It truly is a unique place when it comes to selection. If you are into any kind of specialty furniture projects or do any kind of high-end woodworking, they have wood species and dimensional lumber of sizes you cannot find anywhere else except for commercial suppliers from woodworking magazines.  The commercial suppliers in woodworking magazines charge about double what scroungers paradise does- and the benefit of scroungers is you get to walk in and look and feel everything to cherry pick the most square stock.
Mark, the owner, is very helpful and is willing to spend personalized time with the customer to find all of the right materials to fit their needs. He spent probably about an hour with me before I ended up making my purchases- name one store that would ever go to these lengths of customer service!  I only wish they were able to expand to my area- I’d be there at least once a week!

Garrett Schmelter

​Charleston, SC

Hi mark as you can see the Epey Floor tuned out beautifully. The variation in color really makes a stunning impression. And my dog matches the floor too. Thanks!

R. Robertson

Asheville, NC

As promised, here are the photos I showed you today of the cuci froor that I installed that I bought from you. It weighs a ton but everone that sees it loves it.
PS. I’ll see you again in a few days to buy some of the wainscoating you have in stock.

T. Sanko

Asheville, NC

Yesterday was our first trip to Scroungers Paradise, and HOLY COW! what an undiscovered treasure trove! If you’re a sculptor or otherwise creative person, this is the place to go for materials and inspiration. If you’re a builder or finishing your own home, the possibilities for handsome and high-quality flooring and trim are endless. Interior designers, artists, pickers, preppers, and builders of all sorts should check this place out!  

S. Wilds

Asheville, NC

Just wanted to send you both a quick note to let you know that the flooring install is done and it looks great. I picked the wood up Monday afternoon and they finished installing 750sf by Wednesday with less than a half a box left over. Of the 36 boxes, there was one short piece that had a chip in it which is pretty remarkable and speaks to the quality of the lot. Everything is perfect with beautiful variations in the grains and coloring and it all fit together without a hitch.You now have a satisfied customer that would buy from you again and would recommend you to others. Thanks!

John Elwood

Asheville, NC

Northview Church would like to thank Scroungers Paradise for their kindness and generosity towards us. We were doing a remodel of our meeting space and Mark was kind enough to donate some amazing pieces that have transformed our building. They are beautiful and add so much to our space. Thank you so much for your generosity and willingness to help. It is always amazing to come in and see what new things you have from day to day. We recommend you to folks all the time.

Northview Church

Asheville, NC

If anyone needs large or small quantities of special woods, Scroungers Paradise is the place! The prices are unbelievably good and the selection is excellent.
For building a deck or installing floors or just working on small woodworking projects, it is the right place to get a good buy on good exotic woods.Mark Olivari and his staff are so friendly and accommodating. If you are like me, you will come back again and again!

Dewey Johnson

Asheville, NC

I wanted to take a moment to say how much I appreciated the cordial welcome you extended to my family the other day on our visit to your facility…..you treated my mother and father with great respect and you had nothing but kind words about my sisters you know from Binions. I will be sure to let others know about Scrounger’s Paradise and the warehouse full of items you have at reasonable prices…
I would like your permission to add your email to my auction mailing list in the chance that you might find something to your liking in one of our upcoming auction events.
Again, thank you for your warm hospitality.

Rob Hays

Asheville, NC

Hey Mark, my wife and I bought some odd & end pieces of hardwood flooring from you a couple of months ago. I can’t remember or pronounce most of the wood species that we bought but we mixed it with some Black Walnut that we already had and made a cutting board for a Christmas present. My wife arranges the colors and styles, I do the carpentry work. This is not our first wood project and when we make something we make it to last. This is not the usual 3/4″ flimsy store-bought cutting board, ours is about 3″ thick and very durable. We use food grade glue and seal it with a food grade oil, this makes it easy to refinish and they last for years, even with heavy use. The first picture is of the wood we started with and then one of the finished board. Thanks for the wood and we’ll be back for more!!

Andy & Kelly Kisner,

Marietta, SC