Our Decking products move quickly due to the high demand and low pricing.        Please call ahead to check availability!

Ipe Decking

We are a direct importer of Ipe (pronounced ee-pay). We carry it full time.
Never have so many people wanted the most coveted deck in the world than now!
After many years, the world now knows that there is NOTHING on this planet that is as
good as Ipe for an exterior or covered deck for longevity, strength, fire rating, appearance,
and sustainability.
Ipe is now $3.40/LFt on random lengths of 500 LFt or more. Get better pricing than that
on lots of 1,000+ LFt.
ALSO, we have 5/4″ x 6″ EG Ipe @ $4.40/LFt, random selection, 500 LFt or more.
We have ” Ipe ” in the following dimensions :
2 x 2
2 x 4
2 x 6
2 x 8
2 x 12
3 x 3
3 x 6
4 x 4
NEW, great deal on Ipe nominal 2″ x 2″ (net 1 3/4″ x 1 3/4″) from Ocean City, NJ, from a
cancelled Ipe project:
For 3’ers to 7’ers on 400 LFt or more, , REDUCED from $2.35/LFt TO $1.00/LFt.
For 8’ers through 13’ers, on 400 LFt or more, now $2/LFt.
We have plenty in stock.

Ipe Decking for Docks

Kabukalli Decking

Leopard Ipe

Currently Unavailable

Deck Screws

Great screws for many applications and Ideal for laying down
Ipe Decks and other Hardwood decks.Can’t  find these screws anymore so (not softer 304 type but much harder and much more
resilient as 316!)

Stainless Steel pick you up a box for $50/box

Acetylated Pine Decking

What are we talking about? Wood acetylation has been used in Europe over 90 years. It is a green process (meaning nothing is used that doesn’t occur in wood naturally) that alters the cell structure of wood to its core thus making it much stronger and more durable.

Its additional benefits: This pine is legally harvested from well-managed, sustainable sources, including those Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. It is mold and fungi resistant. It is virtually rot and insect proof. It is non-toxic and 100% recyclable.

This acetylated pine is guaranteed for 30 year when used above ground (think doors, window frames, garden decking, facades, cladding and sidings, boat decks and garden furniture) and for 20 years when used for below-ground applications. It is ideal for boat decks, trimmings and freshwater applications such a canal sides, but unsuitable for underwater salt water environments.

Our acetylated pine can be machined in exactly the same way as unmodified wood. However, gluing parameters would be the same as those for hardwoods.

We have “totally clear” 16’ Southern Yellow Pine acetylated pine deck boards with edge groove: ¾ x 6” boards (1” x 5.5”)

****We are selling these in lots of 500 Lft or more at $1.99LFt.**** This was originally out on the market for $3.80/LFt.

This is the future of decking as Ipe and other rainforest woods cannot be replanted sensibly unless you wait 60 years or more.

Southern Yellow Pine grows fast and with the acetylated process can be a formidable and green alternative to woods that take forever to harvest.

Itauba Decking

Itauba trees, of the lauraceae family, are known as “Stonewood” and found mostly near the Brazilian Amazon. Itauba is a very hard and dense wood (high silica content), and highly weather, bacteria, and pest-resistant. This durability makes it perfect for outdoor decking and structures, furniture-building, shipbuilding, doors, and indoor flooring as well.

Itauba looks like ipe but costs less and is easier to install, although tipped cutting tools, such as a stilted saw for cutting, makes it easier. The lighter-colored boards will darken over time and become darker – similar to ipe.

Itauba is mostly sold in Europe, and the Japanese cannot buy enough of it.

We have 5/4 x6 Edge Groove Itauba decking for sale here at Scrounger’s.

We love it because:
**It is cheaper than Ipe!
**It will not kill your tools!
**It will probably still be your deck long after you are gone!
**It is gorgeous and if you did not know that it was Itauba, you’d swear it was Ipe.
 We are selling 5/4 x 6 Edge Groove (almost 1” (15/16”) x 5 3/8”) at below the 1 x 6 Edge Groove Ipe price.

It’s a steal @ $3.00 per LFt.  If more than 400 LFt is purchased, 

you get a better price.

Remember this is very similar to Ipe decking but sells about $1.10 less a Lft than a comparable size of 5/4 x 6 Ipe Edge Groove.

By the way, we also have Itauba T&G Porch Decking, 1 x 4 (3/4” x 3.5”) @ $2.25/LFt.

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