Our Decking products move quickly due to the high demand and low pricing.        Please call ahead to check availability!

Ipe Decking

Ipe Ipe Ipe!! Best Prices Ipe!

We are a direct importer of Ipe (pronounced ee-pay). We carry it full time. 

Never have so many people wanted the most coveted deck in the world than now! After many years, the world now knows that there is NOTHING on this planet that is as good as Ipe for an exterior or covered deck for longevity, strength, fire rating, appearance, and sustainability.

And, as you know by now, Ipe prices have risen substantially in the past thirty to forty-five days.

We still maintain high inventories and the BEST prices in this turbulent price-hike environment. We are always willing to cut deals on larger volumes. Just ask.


Decking Programs:

1 x 6 Edge Groove (for clips), 8’ (if available), up to 500 LFt, starting at $5.95 — longer than 8’ will be higher

1 x 6 Edge Groove (EG), 8’ (if available), 1,000 LFt @ $5.95 — longer than 8’ will be higher

1 x 6 E4E and Edge Groove, lighter grained Ipe (mixed color/light to dark), 10’ @ $5.50—longer than 10’ will be higher

5/4 x 6 Edge Groove (for clips), 8’ (if available), up to 500 LFt @ $6.75 — longer than 8’ will be higher

2 x 4, up to 10’ @ $7.95; 10’ and above @ $8.50

2 x 6, up to 10’ @ $11.00; 10’ and up to 14’ @ $12.00; 14’ and above @ $14.00

4 x 4, @ $14.00

***Specific sizes are more.***


You may always purchase a lesser amount, but the price/linear foot will be higher.

1” x 3 ¾” x 5’ @ $6.00

5/4 x 4 x 4’ @ $6.50

5/4 x 4 x 5’ @ $6.50

2 x 2, $3.75, unsanded rough; $6.00 sanded

2 x 8, @ $19.00

3 x 3, @ $12.00

3 x 6, up to 10’ @ $19.00; 10’ and above @ $22.00

8 x 8, @ $52.00

Please call for Ipe pricing! 828-808-3617


Mukulungu a/k/a African Redwood

(Autranella Congolensis)

Some facts on mukulungu decking:

It is the best decking originating out of Africa.
It mostly goes into Europe where it is highly prized!
It competes with the best decking in the world – Ipe.

-It is well respected by all due to its high silica content and uniform color as well as longevity and density!
It is referred to here in the USA as “African Redwood“ but has nothing in common with the redwood we know other than for its longevity and similar color.
It is also setting itself up in Europe as the likely alternative to Ipe if Ipe is ever banned!

It’s one of the few serious decks that has a monochromatic color that does not vary.


4″ x 4″, 8′ @ $5/.00/LFt, regardless of quanitity:

For purchase of longer lengths, a premium price will be applied.


Kabukalli Decking

Kabukalli  (Goupia Glabra).

Kabukalli is similar to Ipe but not as expensive and has tremendous density and longevity.  It is certified FSC!  A Legit source and great provenance.

Properties/Appearance: Exceptionally high strength. Highly resistant to insects, decay, fire and marine organisms. Dries slowly. Checking, warping and splitting may occur especially if not seasoned properly. A UV protective finish minimalizes checking and splitting. Blunting effect on tools moderate to high. Planing is difficult. Glues well. Pre-drill before screwing. Polishes satisfactorily.

Uses: A heavy hard timber suitable for exacting conditions. Excellent for rafters, general construction, ship building, keels, pilings, piers, decking, hand rails, flooring, and raised beds.

There is no more kabukalli in Asheville.  There is some available in New Orleans.  If you are interested in purchasing kabukalli in Louisiana, please call Mark at 828-808-3617.

Deck Screws

Great screws for many applications and Ideal for laying down
Ipe Decks and other Hardwood decks.Can’t  find these screws anymore so (not softer 304 type but much harder and much more
resilient as 316!)

Stainless Steel pick you up a box for $50/box

Itauba Decking

Itauba Decking, Ceilings, Cladding, Stairs and More!

-Porch decking (considered best in the world!)
-Exterior ceilings (considered best in the world!)
-Soffit applications (hard to beat Itauba in this application also!)

Itauba has become the wood of choice for so many applications. Ipe is a great wood but Itauba is slowly creeping up to all the accolades of Ipe!

Please check out below that master carpenter, long-time contractor (50 years) and Scroungers alumnus David Primo comment on working with Itauba T&G on his recent porch addition:

The quality of this wood is unbelievable. Variation warpage and defects are almost non-existent!  Out of 80 boards there was only one I could not use in its entirety and in a 20 x 4 foot porch run, there was only a 1/8”deviation from side to side. It is truly a great wood to work with!”

New arrival! Itauba 1 x 4 (net ¾” x 3.5”) load is finally here (as well as 5/4 x 5 (net 1” x 4”) in Itauba lumber s4s)!

Remember Itauba is photosensitive causing the wood to darken to a glorious small portioned milk chocolate color that is one of the most beautiful colors on the spectrum!

We have ¾” x 3.5” net stock in 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’, 16’.


On orders of 500 Linear Foo(LFt) or more of 12’ through 16‘ers: $3.75/LFt

On orders of less than 500 LFt for 12’ through 16’ers: $4.00/LFt

On orders of 500 LFt or more of 8’ or 10’ers: $3.00/LFt

On orders of less than 500 LFt for 18’ or 10’ers: $3.75/LFt

The largest purchasers of Itauba in the world are the Japanese! Whatever you may think of the Japanese, one thing is for sure: they love quality—especially in wood. Check out the photos of cladding, pool decking, and interior applications of Itauba in Japan. Amazing!

Only at Scroungers—the largest sellers of Itauba in the USA that we know of!

When you come to Scroungers, you’ve come to Paradise!”